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Husky Card Services

Husky Card

The Husky Card is the official identification card for members of the UW community. It provides access to services and opportunities, including campus libraries.

Husky Card account

Your Husky Card is automatically linked to a reloadable debit account that can be used for on-campus dining, vending machines, and more!

Online card office

Make deposits, check your account balance and history or suspend a lost card. The Online Card Office is available 24/7!

Whether you’re an incoming student or a department administrator, Husky Card Services is here for you, and our services go well beyond providing you with your campus identification card. Here you’ll find information about all the functions and amenities your card makes available to you such as:

Participating Locations

The list of participating campus locations and services that accept the Husky Card Account is constantly expanding.

ID badges

Design custom ID badges for your UW department or organization! Identification badges can be ordered for your staff, students, conference attendees or event participants, and can be generic or include the Husky Card photo. 

Guest and Department Cards

If you'll be visiting campus with a group and want to dine with us, or if you work at the UW and would like to charge printing and copy services to a budget, you might want to consider a Guest or Department card.


The Husky Card Account & ID Center offers a variety of lanyards and protective holders to help keep your Husky Card handy and damage-free. We accept the Husky Card Account for payment. 


We are located on the ground floor level of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library building. For current operational hours and ways to request help, see our Contact Us page or visit our FAQ page

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